Soft Dollar Management

Wall Street Access provides institutional clients with commission management programs focusing on best execution and client services. We offer several programs at competitive rates. Our experienced relationship managers and trading teams make consolidating your broker network easier while expanding your safe harbor reach under Section 28(e) eligible research and brokerage related products and services.

Wall Street Access provides its clients with a single point of contact from trading to interfacing with the client’s vendors and research counterparties. Our client’s program balances are segregated and kept secure. We provide a comprehensive commission management web portal that keeps our clients up to date in real-time. Clients can review and approve invoices before submittal for our internal compliance review. Our dedicated staff provide additional oversight to better service our client’s needs.

Commission Sharing Arrangements

Wall Street Access will enter commission sharing arrangements with other broker dealers at our client’s request.   The same careful approach we use to protect the anonymity of our client’s trading activity, is applied to maintain the integrity and privacy of your commission program.  Our experienced traders and sales team can help you decide which program is better suited to your firm’s needs.

Agency Executions

Wall Street Access Institutional Sales Traders offer execution services in listed, OTC, and foreign securities. We can act as either principal or agent, customizing our services to meet the diverse needs of our institutional clients in the equity and fixed income markets.  Our experienced trading team leverages our relationships to proactively source natural liquidity to lessen market impact and decrease total transaction cost for our clients. We recognize the need to protect our client’s order confidentiality and maintain their anonymity at all times. We consistently provide effective price discovery in thin markets as well as seamless execution in more liquid names. Our traders can handle the most complex orders in listed equity and index options sourcing liquidity for our clients in the most thinly traded securities.

Market Making

As a market maker in Global Securities, Wall Street Access provides its clients with quality order execution and liquidity with an emphasis on smaller capitalized issues. The firm is approved to make markets in over 6000 stocks including NMS equities, Nasdaq small caps, NYSE listed securities, OTC Markets, Pink Sheets, Foreign ADR and ordinary securities. We have an extensive technology infrastructure that allows us to connect electronically via FIX to most order management systems thus allowing for reliable and compliant delivery and execution of orders received.

Listed Equity and Index Options

WSA possesses a committed, focused, and diverse group of brokers who strive to meet the client’s trading needs every day. It is important to know that service is one of our main priorities. Clients with special needs can talk to an experienced trader who will find a way to satisfy the requests.

Clients who lack trading experience can find a professional trader whose experience and trading market relationships enable WSA to introduce and to explain the complex nature of the listed options markets.

Experienced clients will find professional and disciplined trading advice concerning entry and exit points on various listed options trading ideas.

WSA provides liquidity and execution solutions in the listed options markets for single stocks, ETF’s, indices, and industry sectors. 

We are equally proficient at executing simple and complex strategy orders.  Our firm provides liquidity via internal crosses with our customer base. We can also execute complex orders such as buy/write, and short put combinations.

Through Broker Assisted Trading, we provide clients with daily insights and overall market ideas, including consultation with our options desk analyst.