We offer efficient liquidity to thousands of retail and institutional investors.

Our fixed income department consists of five products: CDs, corporate bonds, emerging markets (sovereign debt: latam),  municipal bonds and treasuries.

On a proprietary basis, we:

  • take balance sheet risk across fixed income products
  • execute hundreds of daily trades on multiple retail platforms
  • post bid and ask sides for thousands of distinct CUSIPs

Our CD desk:

  • provides clients with access to Primary and Secondary CDs
  • provides market liquidity to end accounts and street dealers
  • trades Certificates of Deposits on a principal and agency basis

Our municipal bond desk:

  • makes markets on municipal credits (including taxable and tax-exempt)
  • trades on a principal and agency basis
  • trades with hundreds of counterparties including institutional accounts such as insurance companies and large asset managers, separately managed accounts, other dealers and brokers’ brokers

Our corporate bond desk:

  • maintains competitive executable markets in numerous investment grade and high yield securities
  • provides liquidity to multiple end account and broker-dealers
  • engages all new technology platforms providing low cost execution