Since 1981, Wall Street Access has adopted an independent, entrepreneurial culture to build and operate a diverse set of successful financial services businesses. From execution services, fixed income and securities research to wealth management, our firm has the expertise, depth, flexibility and capital to quickly seize emerging opportunities. Wall Street Access has successfully evolved through many market cycles while always remaining a trusted and reliable partner for our clients.

Entrepreneurial culture.
Profound possibilities.

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Denis P. Kelleher, Wall Street Access Chairman and Founder -- Passes away at 80

His was 'the story of America’: Financial giant Denis Kelleher, benefactor to many, epitomized this country’s promise. (

Asset Management

We provide comprehensive investment management, financial planning and fund management solutions to an array of clients including private investors, institutions, pension plans, government funds, trusts, estates, foundations and endowments.

Execution Services

For almost 30 years, we have built a team of seasoned traders who provide service, expertise and speedy execution to our clients in equities, options, bonds and currencies.  We are an agent, managing trading volumes and finding liquidity discretely.

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