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Sustaining excellence for more than 30 years takes more than just hard work.  Wall Street Access has a set of unique qualities that distinguishes us from the competition and that has been instrumental in our ability to consistently "punch above our weight" and make a positive impact on our people, our clients and the industry since 1981.

Entrepreneurial Culture
Wall Street Access has cultivated a highly ethical, dynamic and cooperative corporate culture that encourages new ideas for our business and for our clients.  This attracts professionals from all corners of financial services who thrive in a conflict-free, non-bureaucratic environment that offers the resources, support and freedom for them to succeed based on their own strengths, experience and ambition.

Powerful Platform
A central element of our success is the Wall Street Access financial services platform.  It starts with a strong balance sheet and long-serving, hands-on management and extends to expert compliance and finance, strong IT systems and dedicated back-office professionals.  This platform gives us advanced capabilities comparable to those of large, global firms and enables us to deliver best-in-class execution, regardless of the individual business or market requirements.

Trusted & Reliable Partner
Wall Street Access has cultivated and maintained strong relationships with institutional clients across the financial services spectrum.  The fundamentals of financial services -  accuracy, timely execution, trust, careful compliance and transparency - may not be exciting, but they are the very details that are critical to the success Wall Street Access has maintained for nearly 30 years.  Our principles ensure we do what is right for our clients - every time.

Flexibility to Succeed
Our powerful platform and culture enable Wall Street Access to operate a number of financial services businesses cost-efficiently and, without disruption, access new opportunities as market conditions change. This flexibility allows us to capitalize on the right opportunities. With that in mind, we have built a reputation as a preferred partner for leading professionals, new ventures and mature businesses seeking a new phase of growth.

Vision and Leadership

Denis P. Kelleher provides the vision and leadership that enables Wall Street Access to evolve one step ahead of the market. Formerly, he was President of Ruane Cunniff & Co., Inc. and also served as Vice President and Treasurer of the Sequoia Fund.      

Asset Management

We provide comprehensive investment management, financial planning and fund management solutions to an array of clients including private investors, institutions, pension plans, government funds, trusts, estates, foundations and endowments.

News Center

Visit our News Center to see the latest media coverage of our firm. Wall Street Access analysts and executives are regularly featured in business media such as, CNBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and Reuters.
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