Trading & Market Making


As a market maker in Global Securities, Wall Street Access provides its clients with quality order execution and liquidity with an emphasis on smaller capitalized issues. The firm is approved to make markets in over 3000 stocks including NMS equities, Nasdaq small caps, NYSE listed securities, OTCBB's, Pink Sheets, Foreign ADR and ordinary securities. We have an extensive technology infrastructure that allows us to connect electronically via FIX to most order management systems thus allowing for reliable and compliant delivery and execution of orders received. With a trading staff of seasoned professionals with over 50 years experience combined we have the knowledge and the tools to provide quality executions and timely settlement services to both institutional clients and broker dealers.

News Center

Visit our News Center to see the latest media coverage of our firm. Wall Street Access analysts and executives are regularly featured in business media such as, CNBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and Reuters.

Execution Services

For almost 30 years, we have built a team of seasoned traders who provide service, expertise and speedy execution to our clients in equities, options, bonds and currencies.  We are an agent, managing trading volumes and finding liquidity discretely.

Asset Management

We provide comprehensive investment management, financial planning and fund management solutions to an array of clients including private investors, institutions, pension plans, government funds, trusts, estates, foundations and endowments.

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